Guest Spots

Finding guest spots worldwide have never been easier!

  • Travel and explore the world
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Make friends
  • Spread your art
  • Grow your followers
  • Make a name for yourself
  • Improve your skills
  • Browse the map, pick a studio, get in touch, pack your gear and travel the world!



    Looking for your next position?

    • Look for studios in your desired location
    • Get an initial feel for the studio and the team
    Browse the map, pick a studio, get in touch and make yourself a new home!



    We aim to help you grow your studio

    International Exposure
    • Build international recognition
    • Allow international travelling artists looking for work to find your studio
    • Promote your studio values and message to potential clients
    Advertise open guestspots
    • Reach an international tattoo base with your open guest spots
    List open permanent positions
    • Help expand your team
    • Show local artists you've got positions
    • Show remote artists looking to relocate you've got positions
    Give the team more exposure
    • Present your teams skills and experiences
    • Help clients find the artist that's right for them
    Guest spot history (Coming soon)
    • List completed past guesting artists, build status and recognition
    • Increase chances and indicate to guesting artists that the studio is relevant
    • Allow clients to see your guest spot history, and request artists to return
    Upcoming Guest spots (Coming soon)
    • Allow clients to see upcoming guest artists
    • Promote guesting artists
    Top ranking on search engines
    • All details, studio, positions, team, guest spots are optimized and indexed by search engines and allows all your information to be found by people searching through all search engines (Google, Bing etc.)


    Realise your next tattoo

    Find the right studio with the right artist based on your needs

    About Us


    We aim to help studios achieve global visibility and reach. With guest spots, resident positions, all accessible from search engines.


    We want to enable tattoo artists the freedom of travelling, living and working where they want, anywhere in the world. Where they can use their talents and grow as a person all while gaining experience in an environment that they love.


    We aim to help clients find the artist that is right for them and their next tattoo.

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