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Being a tattoo artist is no use if you have no clients to tattoo! Here are our top 10 tips to grow your clientele:

1. Post on social media

Social media is a huge part of people’s lives, whether they want to admit it or not! Tattoos are art and so they should be visible, social media gives you the opportunity to advertise directly to prospective clients. Building a community online will help get people through the door as so many of us search the internet for a product or service we are looking for! You want your studio and art to show up in searches so they can be seen by the right people.

2. Gain reviews

Through social media, google and online directories you can collect reviews from past clients, Positive reviews are another great way to get clients, if your latest customer is happy with your work then encourage them to leave you a review! Many people check reviews before deciding to use a service, the more positive reviews you can collect the more chance that people will feel confident coming to you. Be wary of this mind, one negative review can be enough to sway someone not to go to you so make sure you always provide great customer service!

3. Advertise

Make sure you advertise! No one will find you if they don’t know you exist. Of course, there is always foot traffic but you can’t rely on that if you truly want to grow your clientele. If you’re on social media make use of their ad features, take out your own ads online or hand out flyers locally so that people know how to find you. Word of mouth will also always be a great method of advertising, past clients will be a walking advertisement of your work, make sure it is good enough for people to want to show it off!

4. Attend conventions

Make use of conventions and nab yourself a spot at them, not only will you get the chance to connect with others in the industry but you’ll be able to demonstrate your work beyond your local reach. Advertising yourself at a tattoo convention will give you more presence online and get your name out there. You would be surprised how far people are willing to travel to have their tattoo done by someone they like the work of! So, make sure you’re also willing to go that extra mile to meet potential clients.

5. Guest spots

Guest spots are a great way to get your name out there, whether you want to travel to a guest spot or have open guest spots in your studio, collaborating with other artists will help grow your business. Travel to places you’ve never been and get your name out there or invite talented artists to your studio to get people through the door. What better way to advertise than branching out from your usual clientele? The same goes for a tattoo studio, by hosting a guest spot, you get something new and interesting to advertise and gain exposure through the artists you host.
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6. Create a professional website

Most reputable businesses will have a professional website where customers can find them. Websites give clients an opportunity to get to know you and your studio, it makes it easier for them to find out more about you and how to find and contact you. Yes, social media is great but being able to direct people from your social media to a professional website will not only increase your presence online but also provide a space that is easy to navigate.

7. Find your niche

Of course, if you are a talented artist, you may be capable of creating designs in any style a client is looking for, but if you want to stand out among other studios then you need to find your niche. If there is a style you are particularly good at or if you specialise in cover-ups, for example, then use that to your advantage. If the local studios in your area mostly produce black and grey work then advertise your colourful designs. If you can offer something different or are talented in a certain style then make sure people know so that next time someone is looking for your niche you will be the first artist they think of.

8. Adhere to health and safety measures

To be reputable in the tattoo industry you must be aware of health and safety measures and implement them in your studio. Clients want to know that they are safe in your hands and that you both understand and can avoid the risks involved with getting a tattoo. Being knowledgeable about tattoo aftercare will help instil confidence in potential clients. Having a high standard of cleanliness and awareness of correct health and safety remarked upon in reviews and by past clients will boost the trustworthiness of your business.

9. Offers, discounts and events

Providing regular offers and discounts can sway a potential client to becoming a customer through your door. Learn your demographic and offer discounts that will appeal to that. Make use of social media to get your offers to the right people. Maybe link your discount to an event, holding events in your studio can help get people through the door who you can then turn into a client.

10. Build a recognisable brand

To be recognised you need a brand, a studio name, a logo, anything that means that people know who you are and what you offer. To build a successful brand then you need to work on all of the tips listed above. It’s no good having an awesome logo if no one sees it! Be present on social media, at events and conventions, increase your clientele and be recognised as a reputable and reliable brand in the industry.
There is always more you can do to increase your business but we hope our tips have given you a great place to start! Following our advice will mean that you are well on your way to getting yourself on the map!
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