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Not sure about guest spots? Want to know how they could benefit you? Whether you’re a tattoo artist considering a guest spot or a tattoo studio thinking about advertising one, check out our blog post on how guest spots can benefit you and why they might be perfect for you or your studio!

Thinking about guest spotting or offering a guest spot at your tattoo studio? Here’s everything you need to know. Guest spots give you the opportunity to do what you love, somewhere a bit different. There are a number of benefits to guest spotting, check out our reasons why guest spotting might be the right choice for you.
Guest spots are a great way to gain experience, an asset to any tattoo artist. And what better way to advertise than branching out from your usual clientele? The same goes for a tattoo studio, by hosting a guest spot, you get something new and interesting to advertise and gain exposure through the artists you host.
Of course, choosing the right studio, you get the opportunity to gain clients you couldn’t reach before. If you can bring something different to a studio, maybe a style they don’t offer, then you can gain customers through the door. Guest spots are a great way to gain exposure internationally and to make your name throughout the world.
Remember that tattooing is an industry and guest spots allow you to network outside of conventions. Get to know new artists and branch out in the industry. The more exposure you can gain the more opportunities that may come your way.
One of the best reasons for artists to choose to guess spot is the opportunity to travel.Why not see the world while you do what you love? Experience a new culture and take in the sites of a new city or country.So often, as business owners and self- employed artists, it can be hard to take a holiday, you might worry that you’ll lose business, you might even feel guilty for taking the time off.But guest spotting can give you the opportunity to holiday while you work!
Totally Inked Worldwide is designed to help make finding a guest spot or advertising a guest spot at your studio, easier for everyone and save time without having to scourage through Facebook pages and websites looking at outdated spots.
Simply explore our map and find a country you would like to travel to and pick a studio that suits you or add your own studio to our growing list.
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