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Looking for your next tattoo guest spot? If you’re a tattoo artist looking for your next opportunity, check out our blog post on what to consider when making your choice and read our advice on how to find the right studio for you. Register as an artist today and take advantage of our easy to use, interactive map.

Here at Totally Inked Worldwide, we want to make it easy for artists to find the right guest spot for them. When you’re looking for a guest spot, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind to make sure you pick the right studio for you.
One of the advantages of guest spotting is the opportunity to travel, our interactive map is a great way to find studios across the world. If there is a country you love or a particular place you’ve always wanted to visit, that’s a great place to start when making your choice. Why not take a working holiday? Maybe choose somewhere you can enjoy the sun or even escape it. Or maybe you have no idea where to start, searching through our listed studios in an easy and accessible way, could give you some inspiration.
Of course, always keep in mind that wherever you choose, it is your responsibility to get there. Be realistic about where you can travel and how you’ll get there. If you’re not looking to explore a new area and your guest spot is only for a day, then consider choosing somewhere closer to home. Make the time work for you.
An important thing to consider is what style you can bring to the table, if you specialise in something in particular and a studio already offers it then you may not be able to capitalise on your guest spot opportunity. Guest spots are great because they are mutually beneficial, if you can introduce a new style to a studio then that studio can gain new interest from a different audience.
Another opportunity when you guest spot is, of course, to meet new people! Consider a possible language barrier if you’re travelling abroad, check out studio’s information and look for artists that interest you. Visiting other studios can be a great way to learn, think about choosing a studio that specialises in a style you’re interested in. Use this chance to get to know likeminded people and make new friends in the industry.
Choosing the right studio is essential to making your guest spot a success. Register as an Artist with us and start searching for the perfect place for you, now!
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