Considerations for your first guest artist

What to consider when starting to take on guest spots

What to know as a studio when accepting guest spots

Our suggestions on what to consider before taking on guest spot tattoo artists. Check out our blog post before you begin advertising a guest spot in your studio so that you can make it a success. Sign up with Totally Inked Worldwide Tattoo Positions when you’re ready to list your guest spot!

Thinking about offering a guest spot in your studio? There are a few things to consider before you start advertising to tattoo artists and we have a few suggestions on what you should be thinking about before getting the ball rolling.
Guest spots are a great way to get your studio on the map (literally, with our interactive map!). Having tattoo artists come and work in your studio can bring in a clientele you may not have been able to reach before, it allows you to make connections in the tattoo industry and much more. You can read our post about guest spots here.
But before advertising, keep these considerations in mind.
  • Travelling tattoo artists will need a space to work, this may be an obvious one but it absolutely can not be overlooked, make sure you have room in your studio for a guest spot.
  • Think about the duration of time you are willing or able to give a guest spot. This will come down to how your own studio operates but make sure you’re not offering a couple of weeks when your studio can only really accommodate an artist for part of that.
  • Consider what styles you want to bring into the studio. Having a guest spot artist whose work is similar to your own likely won’t bring any new clients through the door and may leave that artist with little work, as most clients will likely want the artists from your studio. Choose an artist that offers something a bit different.
  • Make sure you are doing right by yourself and your team, if you have one. You don’t want to bring in someone who may cause tension or simply not fit in. This can be as simple as making sure there isn’t a language barrier that can’t be overcome. It is worth checking out artists you are considering on social media, maybe look through their reviews and make sure that they are someone who will mesh with the team.
  • Lastly, the bit you might not like to talk about, money! Work out what you expect from a guest spot, are you offering it for exposure for your studio or do you want a percentage of the artists earnings? This is a choice that only individual studios and artists can decide but it is something you need to be upfront about before accepting an artist.
Guest spots can work great for a studio and you might find you love the change of pace it brings to your tattoo studio. Just be aware of what you are taking on before you steam ahead! With the right considerations, you can ensure you have successful guest spots!
Totally Inked Worldwide Tattoo Positions was created to make finding and advertising guest spots easier for both studios and artists. You can register your studio with us and start advertising your guest spot to artists all over the world!
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