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We want tattoo artists to take advantage of the benefits of Totally Inked Worldwide Tattoo Positions. Check out our blog on how we can help you advertise yourself and find your next guest spot, reaching a worldwide audience. Register as an artist with us today, fill out your details, let studios see your skills and start applying for open guest spots now!

As a tattoo artist looking for a guest spot, it can be laborious to have to search online, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or in forums, to find the right studio for you. Our platform gives you the opportunity to find guest spots all in one place by searching our interactive map. Register with us, add your profile and start applying to studios, in just a few clicks you can be finding open guest spots around the world.
You can check out our post ‘About guest spots’ to find out why they are a great idea for artists, but before that, find out what we can offer if you choose to register as an artist with us!
Our platform was created to be worldwide so we can offer you international exposure, travel throughout the world and build your own brand as a tattoo artist. Discover studio’s around the world and get the chance to travel to new countries while doing what you love. When you register with us you can set up your own profile, showcase your skills and let studios know who you are as an artist and as a person. There’s no need to spend time replying to social media posts with your links, setting up a profile with us gives you the opportunity to have it all in one place, easily accessible to studios and other artists.
We have free and premium subscriptions for artists to sign up to, you can grab a free one and set up your profile now or get yourself a premium account and start applying for guest spots around the world.
If you sign up for a premium subscription, we have a number of benefits for you that we will add to as we expand our service. Once your profile is set up you will appear as a premium artist on our map and immediately be able to start applying to guest spots. To help you in your search for the perfect studio, we will send you recommendations for open guest spots that we think will suit you and your skills. To help promote you as an artist you will be featured across our social media and you will be able to easily share your profile with your own customised profile URL, increasing your presence online and making it easier to advertise yourself as a tattoo artist.
If you have never done a guest spot before then make sure to check out our blog post ‘Your first guest spot’ and find our what to consider before you start applying! But if you are eager to start finding the perfect guest spot for you, then register with us today. Choose your subscription, fill out your profile and start applying now!
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