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Tips to make your ink look as fresh as the day you got it!

Totally Inked Tattoo Aftercare

Check out our blog post on how to care for your tattoo and keep it looking fresh. Aftercare is an important step to ensure that your tattoo heals well and improve the lasting look of your new ink. Find everything you need to know to care for your tattoo, find out what to do and what to avoid.

Poor tattoo aftercare leads to bad looking tattoos

It is summertime and thousands of individuals will show off their tattoos on warm weather days. You are sure to see some great tattoos when the jackets and long sleeves come off. You are just as likely, however, to see some really bad ink too.
A bad tattoo isn’t always due to a poor workmanship. Poor tattoo aftercare can be just as guilty for causing tattoos to look bad over time.
Tattoo aftercare can improve the long-lasting look of a tattoo. By following expert aftercare tips, you can have a great looking tattoo that will look like new years after completion.
Tattoos can develop infections if you do not properly care for them. An infection not only causes health issues, but the colour can be lost in the tattoo which ruins the artwork.
So, what tattoo aftercare tips should you use to improve the look of your ink?

Listen to your tattoo artist’s advice

You should always listen to your tattoo artist’s advice about how to take care of your freshly inked tattoo. Studios and tattoo artists will all have their own ideas and products they believe you should use to care for your ink.
Tattoo artists have seen a lot of ink and know plenty about the skin’s healing process. Artists also know a lot about the colours and inks used in the tattoo process. They can recommend ways to make the colours pop and look great.

Gently wash the tattoo

Two to five hours after the tattoo work is completed, you should gently wash the area. Mild liquid soap is recommended for washing the tattoo. You should never cover the tattoo with bandages once the initial covering has been removed.
The tattoo needs to breath to enable it to heal properly. Never pick at the tattoo once it begins to flake as this will cause scarring and the colour not to heal evenly. In addition, do not scrub to hard when washing or let the skin soak in water. It will cause the tattoo not to heal properly. Always keep the tattoo clean and dry.

Apply ointment to the tattooed area

One of the most important aftercare tasks you can do is to apply ointment or tattoo aftercare lotion. Tattoo aftercare lotion can improve the overall look of a tattoo by helping the area heal. It can also keep the tattoo from developing a rash or becoming infected.
You can purchase tattoo aftercare lotion from most tattoo studios, online, and even at some high street stores. Lotion keeps the tattoo from drawing out and cracking. Colour can be lost when the skin dries and cracks. Some tattoo artists will recommend you simply apply non-scented lotion to the tattoo rather than buying more expensive aftercare lotion.

Avoid sunlight

Sunlight can fade tattoos and that is why some many beach bums have faded tattoos. Most people who see a badly faded tattoo will assume the artist did a poor job. That is not always the case as being in the sun for too long can zap the colour out of a tattoo.
Coloured tattoos fade more when overexposed to sunlight. If you are in the sun regularly, it is important to cover tattoos with sun cream once they are healed. Well preserved tattoos will look great and last for decades.

Do not scratch

When skin heals it will itch and the common instinct is to scratch the area. You do not want to scratch tattoos as they heal because you can cause scarring. You may also pick a scab or cause bleeding which will prevent the tattoo from healing evenly.
Tattoos may itch because the skin is dry. If that is the case, apply tattoo aftercare lotion to it. Some tattoo artists recommend slapping the tattooed area if it itches. You may not want to do this, however, as it could make the tattoo sore.

Avoid the gym

Tattoos can be damaged by sweat. Tattoo artists suggest not going to the gym as working out can damage the tattoo. Not only can sweating ruin the healing process, but your tattoo may rub against clothing during the activity. This can cause friction, bleeding, soreness, and even an infection. You should also avoid going swimming as soaking a freshly done tattoo can ruin it.
Good tattoo aftercare can improve the way your ink looks. It can also make your tattoo’s colours last longer. It doesn’t take much work to properly take care of a new tattoo. These tattoo aftercare tips can make your ink look like new and keep you feeling great.

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