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Totally Inked Worldwide wants tattoo artists to be able to travel the world and do what they love. If you’re looking for your next exciting guest spot abroad then we have some tips and advice that you should consider before venturing out on your next adventure. Follow our blog for more information on guest spotting and the tattoo industry.

Getting to travel the world to work is a great advantage of guest spotting. You get to do what you love while seeing beautiful countries and experiencing new cultures! Totally Inked Worldwide wants you to able to live out those dreams and travel the globe, taking your tattooing skill with you! However, before you pack your bags, make sure you know the rules.
Before you nab that amazing guest spot in another country, make sure you have your passport in place! It seems so simple but you don’t want to leave it till the last minute and find that you have to cancel your trip. On a similar note, ensure that your passport is not close to expiry, it will mean that you can grab that last-minute trip to your dream guest spot without worrying about your ability to travel.
If you are travelling to a new country then take the time to read up on the rules! You may find that you need a permit or visa to tattoo in certain places and you don’t want to come across that obstacle once you arrive. The internet is a wonderful thing and you can find out everything you need to know with a quick search.
You are more than likely very knowledgeable about the rules of the tattoo industry in your own country but make sure you are aware of them at your desired destination. Certain rules may vary place to place for example, the age at which clients can get a tattoo. In some country’s clients can get a tattoo at sixteen as long as they have parental consent but you may be travelling to a country which is eighteen or over so you don’t want to find that you are breaking the law!
In regards to travelling in general, make sure that you have arranged accommodation, ensure that you have your medical bases covered just in case and if you’re planning on hiring a car then make sure you know which side of the road you will be driving on!
We want your guest spot experience to be as smooth as possible! Successful guest spots are our aim so keep in mind our tips and advice so that you can enjoy both work and play without any issue. If you are planning your first guest spot then make sure to check out our post on what to consider, here.
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